I am a newbie to Black Lotus. What should I do?


I am a newbie to Black Lotus. What should I do?

Are you ready to experience the power of correct meditation to the fullest? Welcome to Black Lotus, a meditation app that is designed to build focus, reduce stress, and increase your happiness quotient. It is a ‘complete’ meditation app that helps you amplify the benefits of meditation by adding kindness and mindful activities in your daily practice. The app helps you reap the benefits of corrective meditation by giving you a RARE (Reflect, Act, Reinforce, Evaluate) framework which makes your practice a daily habit.

Have you tried meditation before but did not see any significant improvements and dropped the practice? One of the key reasons for this is that meditation alone is not enough to see lasting changes. Kind and mindful activities need to be complimented in the practice to see immediate and irreversible benefits. This is brought forward in the RARE framework in the Black Lotus App.

Meditation is a practice to help you build the awareness to assist in dropping unwanted thoughts and to give you the ability to rise above your emotional turmoil. In the RARE framework, this gets tackled in the ‘Reflect’ section, where you are instructed step by step with a guided meditation. Then the framework goes a step further by giving you avenues to ‘Act’ or direct this new ability to focus by doing kind and mindful activities – thereby spreading goodness in this world. “Reinforce” opens you up to a new perspective or thinking by giving you some food for thought. Lastly, ‘Evaluate’ makes you self-aware of your practice to take corrective actions if needed.

The RARE activities are spread throughout the day but the suggestion is to begin the day with meditation – so to ensure that you don’t miss out on any activity you can schedule notifications. You can choose up to three times that you would like to be reminded in case you miss an activity. These reminders help you integrate RARE into your daily life and make it into a habit.

To start your meditation journey on Black Lotus, you can choose a ‘Goal’ that you want to work on. A few examples of Goal packs are Being Calm, Zen Meditation, Building Focus, Mindful Meditation, Being Stress-Free, etc. Each Goal pack can be completed between 14 to 21 days with a daily activity time of 14-17 minutes. It is recommended that first-time users pick the “Explore RARE” pack to get into the rhythm of the RARE framework. There is a section ‘Me’ where you can see your real-time progress and other interesting nuggets such as the Goals Completed, Stats, Progress, etc.

In the beginning, you will notice that there are some goals that are locked. Don’t worry, you can try out any goal you want for 7 days or start with the Explore RARE goal for 11 days. To continue after that, you can make a monthly or a yearly subscription.

An interesting section called ‘Stories’ in the app captures stories about Random Acts of Kindness (aka RAKs) that the Black Lotus community members are doing. These stories form an inspiration for other community members to do such kind acts and spread kindness in the world.

In summary, to truly master the art of meditation, one needs to not only focus on the practice but also work holistically on improving other aspects of one’s life. This philosophy bundled with the RARE framework is brought forward seamlessly in the Black Lotus app and will enable making a habit to achieve sustainable impact and transformation.

Go ahead now! Pick a goal!

~ Vivekraj Shah

Akshay Iyer
  • Vikram
    Posted at 09:15h, 15 September Reply

    Thanks for the article. This is helpful for a beginner.

  • Ravi Trivedi
    Posted at 12:11h, 15 September Reply

    Thanks for sharing this. I loved the Being Calm pack a lot.

  • Mohit Om
    Posted at 15:58h, 25 September Reply

    Very well explained, holistic article that encompasses all aspects of what and why Black Lotus!

    Hi5 to the author!

  • U wrote it perfectly Vivek.
    Posted at 15:38h, 26 September Reply

    You covered each aspect of Black lotus app Vivek.Like your name you should Brilliant wisdom.

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