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Impact Stories

A Rak — Random Act of Kindness — can change a life forever.
Read a few Rak stories written by Black Lotus users in the app.

Every being understands the language of love.and kindness. Read more

As many Mothers that many blessings. Read more

Sharing without any boundations keeps your spirit high. Read more

You have to brave through all circumstances. Read more

A small detour to be kind to someone can be all that you need to feel good sometimes. Read more

Be kind and help others whenever possible. Read more

A small token of appreciation can make someone feel happy and appreciated. Read more

It is always possible to extend our help. Read more

The mark of a great Teacher is the impact he has on you, often without your knowledge.🌹🌼 Read more

Mindfulness is a state of mind. If you maintain this, calmness will follow. Read more

Mindfulness really helps us to become better people. Read more

Never hesitate to help someone. Read more

Any help, big or small, is great and brings happiness. Read more

A tiny act of kindness that is felt by animals, brings us a lot of happiness. Read more

Meditation helps us deal with extremely tough situations. Read more

Time is a precious a gift that we can give to someone too. Read more

A little time each day for peace of mind for the entire day. Read more

Help whenever possible even if it means going out of your way. Read more