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Impact Stories

A Rak — Random Act of Kindness — can change a life forever.
Read a few Rak stories written by Black Lotus users in the app.

Saving the pup will not change the world, but for that one little pup, the world will change forever. Read more

Guidance, however small, is never wasted. Read more

Be Mindful, Be kind. Someone near you always needs your kindness. Read more

God always looks out for you when you do the right thing. Read more

Taking action without complaining about the situation gave me immense satisfaction. Read more

Feeding another being is a joyful experience. Read more

Be a light ? in the hour of darkness ?. Read more

Every Rak is both a give and a take and its warmth lingers for eternity. Read more

Everyone deserves love. Read more

Feeling Grateful Read more

Don’t lose hope. Just keep doing your best. Read more

Compassion and healthcare go hand in hand. Read more

Do the best you can and leave the rest to God. Read more

Be sensitive towards fellow beings. Not everyone is as fortunate as we are. Read more

Kindness is everywhere Read more

Kindness begets kindness Read more