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Impact Stories

A Rak — Random Act of Kindness — can change a life forever.
Read a few Rak stories written by Black Lotus users in the app.

Kindness is extending yourself to help another person. Read more

The only legacy worth leaving behind is that of unconditional love! Read more

RAKs are the marks we leave on the world. Read more

Don’t wait, don‘t think, just do the RAK! Read more

Go on and do that RAK as sometimes the rewards are immediate. Read more

A lit candle will light other candles and drive away the darkness. Read more

A RAK a day, keeps me happy, merry and wise. Read more

Listening without judgement has the power to change lives. Read more

Even a small incident can inculcate compassion. Read more

Help one another and bask in divine glory. Read more

When the intentions are right and faith is strong, a way manifests effortlessly. Read more

Go with your heart when deciding to do a RAK. Read more

Be Grateful for the Little Big Things in Life Read more

The world is actually full of kind people. Read more

There are a lot of great people all around us. Enjoy their presence ... Read more

Even a small act of kindness make a difference in one's life. Read more

My take home from this episode is that the Divine gives us opportunities one after the other to do Raks. Read more

It is our duty to extend help and be a helping hand to someone. Read more