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Impact Stories

A Rak — Random Act of Kindness — can change a life forever.
Read a few Rak stories written by Black Lotus users in the app.

Small acts of appreciation go a long way. Read more

I give not because I have much, but because I know exactly how it feels to have nothing. Read more

Share the joy! Read more

Helping others bring inner peace Read more

Keep lighting up the light of compassion in the world ? Read more

The RAK left me grateful. Read more

This too will pass. Read more

There’s always someway you can help another and find your own joy, you only have to take a look around. Read more

Be mindful and express gratitude for all the servcies you take, whether a bus or a cab. Read more

Receive people/strangers with love, you never know what they are going through Read more

There is no limit to how giving a person can be, irrespective of possessions. Read more

God rarely bestows opportunity to help others, when you get one, seize it. Read more

Simple acts might have a bigger impact on just the viewer’s life. Read more

Help people get back on their feet, just like divine grace has put you back on yours. Read more

Invest in people and you’ll feel happier than just spending on a material item. Read more

Nature responds in myriad ways. Extend your hand with love & She’ll give much more. Read more

Donate blood, save a life Read more

Krishna says see everyone in me and see me in everyone Read more