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Impact Stories

A Rak — Random Act of Kindness — can change a life forever.
Read a few Rak stories written by Black Lotus users in the app.

The selfless chanting is an uplifting and divine experience. Read more

The best gift you can give yourself is to learn to live in the present. Read more

Friends can help you solve problems. Read more

Any work is to be done with sincerity. Read more

Happiness is the joy of giving ? Read more

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Acts of kindness are easy to do, and often encourage others do them too. Read more

Collective kindness can do wonders. Read more

Even the smallest act of kindness brings immense joy. Read more

A thoughtful wish is a wonderful gift. Read more

Even a small act of charity can go a long way. Read more

There are many venues to extend a helping hand. Read more

Spreading the warmth we need helps others in need too. Read more

Do whatever you can for others. Read more

The home is doing a great service to society by changing the lives of these boys. Read more

The smallest act of kindness can turn someone's day around. Read more