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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I get access to Black Lotus 5.0?
    For iOS users - [Download]
    For Android users - [Download]
  • I am a user of BL4.x. Can I reuse my same account or is it necessary to register again?
    You can reuse your same account. There is no need to register again. Also, all your data from the earlier account will be intact.
  • What should I do first after updating the app?
    a) Log in with your Black Lotus email id. If you have forgotten your password, click on ‘Forgot’ to reset it. If you want to create a new account, then sign-up to the app.

    b) Browse through the Goals menu, pick one, and get started. We recommend you first start with the ‘Explore RARE’ goal.

  • Will I lose my streak and other data?
    No, your data will remain intact. Please read questions 16 and 17 below for further details.
  • How should I use the app daily?
    Good question.
    Each day of the Goal pack has been curated by Om Swami with 4-5 recommended activities. These are structured as per the RARE (Reflect, Act, Reinforce, Evaluate) framework. The idea is simple - focus on what needs to be done on only one day i.e. Today. Starting the app will take you to the Today screen where you will be shown the relevant action that you should ideally be doing, depending on the period of the day.

    Morning (7 - 12m):
    Ideally, you start the day with a few minutes of Reflective meditation. Each meditation is specifically created by Om Swami for the chosen goal in mind. We strongly recommend you begin the day with this guided meditation. The app will send a notification to remind you if you have not done this activity.

    Throughout the day (7 - 12m):
    The uniqueness of Black Lotus is that it is not just a meditation app but offers a holistic offering to make self-transformation possible. A key finding of Om Swami is that one needs to be kind in order to progress internally. The app gives you the opportunity to perform simple kindness acts in daily life, called Raks (Random Acts of Kindness). We recommend you to browse through the 3 suggested Raks once you complete the meditation and then try to do one of them in your day. You will find the kindness actions captured in the Act tab of Today. Just doing one Rak has been found to impact individuals positively, instantaneously.

    Another activity in Act is an important tool for reaching the goal - Breathwork! Listen to the guided breathwork from Om Swami’s voice and witness the impact of breathing on your mind and body. We urge you to not miss out on this important daily activity.

    Any time of the day (1 - 4m):
    Once you complete the activities in Reflect and Act tabs, you will get the Reinforce activity unlocked. Here you will find a few minutes of inspirational reading content. All the reading content has been specifically curated for each goal by Om Swami. If you benefit and enjoy the reading, you can use the share option to pass it on to your loved ones.

    Night (1 - 2m):
    Before you call it a day, we recommend you note down your assessment of doing the activities in the day. This will be beneficial to make course corrections and ensure you are on the right track. You get to do this in the Evaluate tab where you will be asked specific questions that you can respond quickly.

    That’s it! The app will remind you when you miss any activity across the 3 periods of the day - morning, evening, and night. If you do the suggested activity the moment you receive the notification, then you will be on your way to incorporating and benefiting from the RARE habit.

  • What is RARE?
    RARE (Reflect, Act, Reinforce, Evaluate) is the life-changing habit conceived by Om Swami. If there is one habit you would like to follow and accomplish self-transformation, then you should give RARE a try. In the simplest sense, RARE suggests that you do a minimum of 4 simple activities across the day and gain from it.

    a) Start the day with meditation.
    b) Do a minimum of 1 kind act, ideally random.
    c) Read a few minutes of inspirational content.
    d) End the day with evaluation and plan for the next day.

    Read all about the RARE framework here (link).

  • How do I schedule the three notifications as per my schedule?
    This is completely customizable and is available in the Me screen. Once you go to the Me screen, click on the Settings gear icon at the top left, and then you will see three options on when to get notified for Morning, Afternoon, and Evening.
  • Is there a particular order to do the goals?
    We recommend that you start with the ‘Explore RARE’ goal pack to get accustomed to the habit. After that, it is up to you to select which goals you want to tackle. Each goal has outcomes linked to it. You can use the activities and these outcomes to understand what resonates with you and begin your journey. To build complete mindfulness, we recommend that you do each goal at least once.
  • What are the ‘cycles’ mentioned per goal?
    When you go through a goal for the period of the duration specified, you complete 1 cycle. For each goal, a minimum number of cycles are mentioned so as to yield the maximum benefit by following the curated activities.
  • How do I know how many cycles I have completed for a goal?
    The first time you complete a cycle for a goal, you will be awarded a badge that you can view on the Me screen. Each subsequent cycle you complete, a count number will be displayed against the badge to inform you of the cycle count.
  • How many goals can I do at once?
    You can only work on one goal at a time to ensure deep impact.
  • How do I meditate in the app?
    You must choose a goal first. As long as you have chosen a goal, you can do guided meditation in the Reflect tab on the Today screen. From day 3, in every goal, you will have access to Silent Meditation as well that you can optionally use to do your own meditations.
  • I want to meditate multiple times in a day. Can I do that?
    Yes, you can, provided you are working on a goal and you have not completed the Evaluation for the day. If you complete the Evaluation for the day, then you cannot meditate until the next day begins (12 AM).
  • How do I get to see the quote of the day in the app?
    As long as you are pursuing a goal, you will get to view a new quote when you open the app the first time that day.
  • What can I do in the app when I have not begun a Goal pack?
    a) Read, write and comment on Rak stories
    b) Manage your profile and settings
    c) Choose to begin working on a goal
  • How is the streak calculated?
    The streak gets calculated once you complete the day’s Evaluation activity. There are no separate streaks for meditation, Rak, etc but have been clubbed to form the RARE streak that gives the count of the days you have been following RARE in your life.
  • What will happen to my current streak if I was using an earlier version of Black Lotus?
    You will have to start from zero! Just kidding. Your highest streak amongst meditation, chanting, Raks will get carried over to the new app. This will happen the first time you log in to BL5.0.
  • Where is the ‘Path’ in the app?
    The Path is available from the Me screen. There are new Levels in the Path and if you are a user of BL4.x, you would be mapped to a new Level based on your current progress. All the Levels are based on the RARE achievements. Do go through the Path to understand better.
  • How do I access my history?
    This feature is unavailable currently and will be released in an upcoming version.
  • What is not there in the new app that was earlier available?
    a) content
    b) Swaminars
    c) Global Meditation

  • What is there in the BL5.0 that was earlier unavailable?
    a) RARE habit formation
    b) Notification based reminders
    c) 40+ new guided meditations and breathwork tracks from Om Swami
    d) Humour
    e) Curated content from Om Swami for each goal
    f) Goals
    g) Mindful actions, Gratitude activities and more!
  • Will I have free access to the ‘Legacy’ Goal pack?
    Yes. You can use this goal pack to perform all the activities you were doing in BL4.x - meditation, Raks, reading wisdom, quotes, assessments, and more.
  • Can I try a subscriber goal for free?
    Yes. You have a 3 day trial period to subscriber-only goals after which you will have to subscribe to continue.
  • What if I want to recommend the app to a friend?
    Please use the ‘Share the app’ feature on the Me screen or share the link to the website -
  • How do I go about subscribing to the app?
    a) You can choose a subscriber-only goal and then choose to subscribe.
    b) You can go to Me screen -> Manage Subscriptions and choose the plan of your choice and subscribe.
  • What are some features that are in the pipeline?
    a) A brand new ‘Path’
    b) Usage stats in Me screen
    c) Historical data access
    d) Goal period extension
    e) Add-ons to goal packs
    f) Instant access to unlocked meditations, breathwork, etc.
    g) More sharing options
    h) Much more social feature
  • How do I share my feedback or new ideas?
    Please use the ‘Contact Support’ in Me screen to send us your feedback or directly write to