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About Black Lotus

Your mind is our business!

As they say, “The only thing more expensive than hiring a professional is to hire an amateur."

If you want to get into meditation and not dogma and cults, Black Lotus is for you. If you wish to harness the power of mindfulness so you may become the person you always wanted to be, you have come to the right place. 

We understand meditation like nobody else.

If you want “feel-good" meditation, there are numerous other apps. But, if you are serious about meditation and want to elevate your consciousness, we are pretty much the best out there.

Download the Black Lotus app to

Learn the art of building focus,
from ‘the’ expert.

Adopt Rare and reap the rewards of mindfulness every moment of your day.

Experience the power of 
kindness in your daily life

Elevate your consciousness

Discover a more ‘productive’ you

Decrease stress, self-doubt and anger

Om Swami


I have created Black Lotus to help you harness the power of meditation.

It started with the simple idea: what if enough people meditated on the same thought at the same time. I reckon we could make a dent in the universal consciousness, exactly how a tiny pinprick draws our attention.

Over the years, I realized that meditation alone is not enough. Unless a meditator inculcated certain virtues in life and developed the power of contemplation, the restive tendencies of the mind keep coming back to haunt.

The RARE framework in Black Lotus helps you walk the path of self-transformation and monitor your progress along the way.

The Leadership Team

Harish Abhichandani


Group CFO, Ola. Ex-CFO at Ekart, Flipkart.
12+ years of leadership in the Tata Group.
B.Com (Mumbai University), G.C.D., C.A., C.P.A. (USA),
Finance specialist.

Vikram Shastry


Director, Uttara Infosolutions. One of the biggest Java training institutes in Bangalore.
Engineering Leader in SAP Labs
Bachelors in Engineering, MSRIT
User Experience specialist.

Jaya Kumar


Managing Director – Kalpavrksha Associates
Managing Director – JK Management Consultants Pvt Ltd.
BSc (Hons), Delhi University

Talent search and leadership hire specialist.

Advisory Board

Kumar GB

VP, Asia Pacific and Head of Global Sales, Prysm.
Leadership positions in Intel, Cisco & Tech Mahindra.
B.Tech – NIT Surathkal & MBA – XLRI Jamshedpur
Sales specialist.

Karthik Sankaran

Country Head at Analog Devices.
Leadership positions at Intel and National Semiconductors.
ME & Ph.D.,  Computer Engg – University of Texas
Product development specialist.

Pankaj Kumar

Co-founder Ignify, Inc. Acquired by Hitachi in 2014.
20 years in business solutions and AI.
B.E. – TIET, Patiala & MBA – IIM, Lucknow
Marketing specialist.

Vidit Drolia

Director of Engineering for Core Services, Yammer.
Engineering Lead, Google Inc.
BSc- SMU, MSIM- Carnegie Mellon University
Engineering specialist.