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Our Founder Om Swami

Not only books have been written by Om Swami, but his life has inspired so many people that books have been written on Om Swami. We wanted to write so much here, in fact, we had written a lot here but he asked us to delete it all. “I don't want to be glorified," he says, “instead, let my conduct and works speak for themselves." So, here is Om Swami in his own words:

Whenever I visit the website of any spiritual organization, I get to read enchanting biographies of their founder or guru. The man or the guru is portrayed as nothing short of a superman. Well, I’m not one of them. I have no desire to eulogize myself in a third-person narrative.

I’m a simple sadhu in a complex world. I don’t conform to the traditional code of being a sadhu or monk though. I remain non-traditional, independent and unchained. So, don’t be taken in by my robes or set your expectations based on what I wear. I dress in them because I like it that way.

Just like some devote their life to music or painting, I devoted it to meditation and tantra. My only introduction is my writings. I write books and I write on twice every month. You are welcome to pick and choose what you like and leave aside what you don’t. Don’t follow me or anyone else. Like a honeybee takes the nectar from a flower and goes back to its hive, take knowledge or wisdom from any source but go back to your inner voice. Discover your own truth, walk your own path. That alone will set you free.

My achievement is not what I have,
My introduction is not what I do,
It is but who I am.
A nobody.
I sing I laugh I dance I clap,
A speck of dust in the infinite creation,
A vast ocean in the tiny dewdrop,
A Himalayan stream,
The still mountain,
I am That.
So are you.
Compassion is my religion and love, my only philosophy.

I don't know if I have anything special to offer, but I can tell you this much: if you are into meditation, Black Lotus is unparalleled.

I give you the truth.